The Stirling Smith Art Gallery and Museum


Located in Stirling, the formerly “The Smith Institute”, now The Stirling Smith Art Gallery and Museum, was founded on 11 August 1874, thanks to a legacy from Thomas Stuart Smith, an artist who had inherited the Glassingall Estate, Dunblane.
The mission was providing to their visitors the promotion of cultural and historical heritage and the arts. In that time, the Smith Institute was mainly an art gallery with contemporary art, with a museum and library reading room, but now has become a cultural center for the Stirling area as well. It’s easy to find a community groups meeting in its lecture theatre and café, for example.

The gallery has a collection of notable historic and artistic significance and offers exhibition opportunities for contemporary artists.

The museum includes an exhibition of Stirling’s history, called The Stirling Story, with three gallery spaces that show temporary exhibitions ranging from memories of the 1984 miner’s strike to the only Scottish showing of Leonardo’s drawings from the Royal Collection.

The Stirling Smith is a private trust, managed by a voluntary Board of Trustees and funded by Stirling Council and other grant-making bodies. The admission-free Smith Art Gallery and Museum is the ideal choice for exploring the rich cultural history of Stirling, Stirlingshire, and the Trossachs. In addition to contemplating the Smith’s art collection, you can plan your visit to learn more about William Wallace, King Robert the Bruce and the Wars of Independence. Discover how Scottish democracy influenced the streets of Stirling.

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