Alloa Tower

Willy Wallace Hostel is in the heart of Stirling!


Alloa Tower, which is now owned by National Trust for Scotland, is easy to get from Stirling (9 miles) by car, train, bus, cycling or even walking. The tower dates back to the 14th century and was built to guard a strategically important ferry crossing on the nearby River Forth, which has brought us art and riches.

While the building has been re-fenestrated many times, Alla Tower retains its original timber roof and battlements, surviving part of the medieval residence of the Erskine family, the Earls of Mar, and Kellie, from the 15th century until c1800. Looking to both modernize and preserve the tower and mansion (which was destroyed by fire in 1800), John the 6th Earl of Mar, made many changes, and it was at this time that the domed Italianate staircase leading to the Great Hall was added.

The tower was opened to visitors in 1997 and allows the visitors to admire a fine collection of Erskine family portraits and memorabilia on display.

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